Keeping it real


We use photography to tell the stories of real people and how they interact with technology. Photos should feel authentic, inviting, and should reflect the diversity found in the world around us.

Best practices

A few rules to follow when using photography.

Use high resolution, non-pixelated imagery

Photography should visually aid a story being told, not distract from it. Low resolution or pixelated imagery negatively affects our brand and should never be used.

Prioritize human imagery

We use photography to visualize the interaction between humans and technology so both elements should be present whenever possible. Even including a hand holding a device is enough.

Use candid shots in realistic settings

We choose photos that don’t feel over-produced or staged. Whenever possible, choose photos that capture moments that feel natural and relatable.

Consider composition

When choosing photos consider the context and subject. Follow the rule of thirds to achieve a visually pleasing image. Avoid tight shots and cropping out important features like heads/hands.

Resources is a free resource for stock photography.

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