Worth a thousand words


Our icons are created to bring clarity to their environments and draw attention to specific messaging and navigation. They should be concise and representational, making our content easily scannable.


Icons should be clean and straightforward. When they are representational of something complex, we value simplicity over detail.


An icon’s design should be in service of a user’s ability to understand the information it supports or their need to take an action on that information. Icons should tend towards literal over abstract and metaphorical.


Our icons are based on the feather outline set. The pre-made icon set should be used wherever possible, but bespoke icons can be created to support specific needs using the guidelines below.


30px square

Content area

22px square (4px padding)


3px with rounded end caps

Corner radius

1px rounded


Our icons are designed to achieve clarity at a variety of scale. The stroke weight should scale proportionally with size. Icons should never be smaller than 16px or larger than 80px. Icons should appear in these sizes in most digital environments including the marketing website, auxilliary web properties, and digital marketing materials like e-books and presentations.

Small: 16px

This size is only used where space is extremely limited.

Medium: 24px

This the standard size for icons.

Large: 32px

This size is used in some materials for emphasis and section labeling.

XL: 80px

This size is only used as a type of spot illustration where space is plentiful.


A selection of our most commonly used icons.







Download the icon library here. Additional icons available at feathericons.com.

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